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All these projects were carried out during the 

Google UX Design Specialization.

The iterative process that I followed was the one proposed in the Design Thinking methodology: empathize, define, ideate, prototype, and test.

The skills I worked on were: 

  • Empathizing with users by creating empathy maps, personas, user stories, and user journey maps

  • Defining user pain points

  • Ideating design solutions using Crazy Eights, How Might We, and competitive audits

  • Creating wireframes and prototypes on paper and digitally

  • Developing mockups using visual design elements and principles

  • Designing in Figma and Adobe XD

  • Conducting interviews and usability studies

  • Considering accessibility at every point in the design process

Tari is a responsive website and mobile app designed to help older adults with day-to-day activities. It was made during the last course of the Google UX Design certificate.

banner nuevo.png

Oven Lovin' is a responsive website for a bakery with an 80's-inspired aesthetic. It was carried out during the sixth course of the Google UX Design certificate.

0_N_BANNER_Mesa de trabajo 1.png

Ready, Snack, Action! is a mobile app that allows users to order their snacks before going to the movies, offering combos depending on the movie they are going to see. It was done during the first five courses of the Google UX Design certificate.

000_FINAL BANNER_Mesa de trabajo 1.png
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