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This section contains my experience in industrial product design, made up of different projects carried out during the Bachelor's Degree in Industrial Design, Product Profile (UdelaR), between 2018 and 2022.

As a solution to an ergonomic problem in the Wastewater Treatment area of ​​Pinturas Inca S.A., we designed a ramp and platform, demonstrating the impact of the design in improving a workplace.


In a pandemic context, we seek to design a device to study more comfortably in Marosa Di Giorgio Park, based on the synthesis of a flower referenced by the poet of the park's name.

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Beni is furniture that belongs to a circular economy, where its objective is to accompany the growth of users, from 2 years old working as a rocking chair, to 8 years old as a chair-table set.

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In order to carry out her work more efficiently, we designed an inclination plank for a Global Postural Reeducation physiotherapist through the process proposed by Design Thinking.

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