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Hey! I'm Micaela Musetti,

a product designer

based in Montevideo, UY.


As a solution to an ergonomic problem in the Wastewater Treatment area of ​​Pinturas Inca S.A., we designed a ramp and platform, demonstrating the impact of the design in improving a workplace.

banner beni-01.png

Beni is furniture that belongs to a circular economy, where its objective is to accompany the growth of users, from 2 years old working as a rocking chair, to 8 years old as a chair-table set.

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To learn what it takes to design and execute laser and CNC cut and 3D printing, the premise was to design a bench to be manufactured with a CNC router cut, a laser cut lamp and a 3D printed car.

banner nuevo.png

Tari is a responsive website and mobile app designed to help older adults with day-to-day activities. It was made during the last course of the Google UX Design certificate.


Ready, Snack, Action! is a mobile app that allows users to order their snacks before going to the movies, offering combos depending on the movie they are going to see. It was done during the first five courses of the Google UX Design certificate.


To learn how to use Fusion 360, in my 3D Modeling for Digital Production class, we modeled a mechanical pencil and a sewing machine from technical drawings provided by the professors.

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